How 2

How 2 was founded by the two percussionists Daniel Buess and Daniel Stalder, in 1996.

From their inception ,HOW 2 have focused on the commissioning of new works to reflect their own unique approach to sonic ideas for percussion duet.
To that end, they have commissioned works from composers including Alex Buess, Daniel Almada, Johannes Harneit and Michael Werthmüller. Their extensive repertoire also includes existing works by composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Vinko Globokar, Tim Hodgkinson and Kasper T.Toeplitz.

Artists with whom HOW 2 have collaborated include Jürg Henneberger (Piano), Matthias Würsch (percussion), Peter Conradin Zumtor (drums) and theatre-director Joachim Schlömer.
For their performances, HOW2 prefer to choose non-traditional venues such as museums or car-workshops .
HOW 2's interest in developing and extending the sonic possibilities of percussion instruments has led them to work extensively with electronics and to explore the interface between performer and machine.
The synergy of man and machine is the main theme of their first self-produced C.D. "Turing Machine" which contains works by Daniel Buess, Maarten Altena, Rico Gubler, Iannis Xenakis and Alex Buess.