1 - Antoine Chessex: Metakatharsis (WP)
2 - Z’EV: no Time but the Presence (WP)

Z'EV, born in California in 1951, has worked in nearly every imaginable artistic form of expression, but he is particularly interested in working with those forms that can also be reshaped into their own methods. In the broadest sense, his work investigates the intrinsic qualities of instruments and rhythms not only in musical terms but also relating to language and speech. Known for his percussion performances, he has been labeled a pioneer and supporter of the Industrial scene, a scene which he pushed widely throughout Europe in the Eighties. The list of his own performance groups and artistic partners is however by no means limited to this one scene or solely to musicians and it includes, above all, dancers, poets and filmmakers as well.

The collaborative works of Swiss composer Antoine Chessex have arisen less often from collaborations with ensembles than with individual musicians such as Thomas Ankersmit or Kasper Toeplitz; Chessex has also released many solo CDs of saxophone with electronics. Based for many years in Berlin, Chessex has developed his voice and position in the diverse European experimental network. As is the case with Z'EV, many of Chessex' works stem from the realm of Live-Performance with a focus on the palpable physicality of sound.

Within the framework of their concept-based programme, recurring once per season, Ensemble Phoenix Basel engaged in an exciting collaboration with these two artists in June 2011. This collaboration resulted in the vital and colourful sound-world between composition and improvisation that can be heard here.