Darmstädter Aussenseiter

1 - Karel Goeyvaerts: Sonate Nummer 1

2 - Jacques Guyonnet: Polyphonie I

3 - Jacques Guyonnet: Polyphonie II

4 - Jacques Guyonnet: Polyphonie III

5 - Geneviève Calame: Mantiq-al-Tayr

6 - Bo Nilsson: Stunde eines Blocks


This compilation is a reminder of composers who caused a stir at the International Summer Courses in Darmstadt in the 50s and 60s, but who were forgotten with time. Jacques Guyonnet, of Geneva, was largely influenced by Pierre Boulez while his wife, Geneviève Calame, composed works that played an important roll in the Electronic music scene. Together with “A.R.T” she founded the first studio for electronic music in Geneva in 1971.

The Swedish composer, Bo Nilsson, also evoked Boulez. His song-cycle, Stunde eines Blocks, is based on concrete poetry by the Swedish poet, Öyvind Fahlström.

The Belgian composer and musicologist, Karel Geoyyaerts, was one of the first to experiment in the Studio for Electronic Music in Cologne. His Sonate is noticeably influenced by Olivier Messiaen.