1 - Paul Dolden: The Frenzy of Banging on a Can
2 - Ulrich Krieger: Sternenjäger
3 - Paul Dolden: Who has the strangest
     melodies? (WP)

The Canadian composer Paul Dolden, who is primarily dedicated to the composition of electro-acoustic music in which he has developed an individual style comprised of massive sound-layers, wrote a piece titled The Frenzy of Banging on a Can (1997) for the “Bang on a Can Marathon” 1997: an ad-hoc collage that is supplemented by sampled instrumental sounds recorded by the ensemble and played back in a tape part.

Also included in this release is another work by Paul Dolden that was commissioned by Ensemble Phoenix Basel with the title, Who has the strangest melodies?, an intentionally groovy and cacophonic piece.

At the small East-Berlin new music festival, “Pyramidale 4” in 2005, the composer and saxophonist Ulrich Krieger presented his trio, starchaser, for flute, clarinet, and saxophone, which suited the festivals theme “Cosmos” for that year. Since then, the piece has been renamed Sternjäger I as the first in a series of Sternjäger (star-hunter) works; it also exists in different versions including an adaptation for saxophone quartet. Both versions can be performed with or without live-electronics.