1 - Junghae Lee: Streichquintett (WP)

2 - Junghae Lee: IYON (passages)

3 - Byungdong Paik: Unak (WP)

4 - Junghae Lee: sorimori (WP)

5 - Denis Schuler: Ek Balam (WP)


In October 2013, the Ensemble Phoenix Basel and the Korean Music Project brought two very different musical worlds together. The project sought to create a sense of the Korean tradition, as in the ancient Korean word “Sori,” in which poetry and music form one entity. This includes speaking and singing, poetry and song, language and music. Sorimori (the Basel-based Korean composer Junghae Lee) and Ek Balam (Denis Schuler of Geneva) worked together for this occasion, for which Byungdong Paik's Unak was arranged. The new compositions brought to light many new possibilities, differences, and points of contact between the widely-varied instruments that were presented.

The Korean focus for this project was further demonstrated with two pieces by Junghae Lee: String Quintet and IYON.