Metatron's Cube

1 - Alex Buess: Metatron
2 - Rico Gubler: ZIR
3 - Alex Buess: Phylum

In his composition „Metatron“ Alex Buess uses twenty eight very short „ready-made”s: sections from historic recordings of Cecil Taylor and others.
The musicians have to play and „pile” them up as „loops“ of rhythmically and temporally changing sound fragments. The typical jazz cast of saxophone, piano, double bass and percussion influenced the setting of this piece.
„Phylum“ was commissioned by the renowned „Lucerne Festival“ in 2005. The composition is based on a four-channel tape track, the „heart“ of the composition in which the live instrumentalists mix their sounds.
The Swiss saxophone player Rico Gubler treats „sound“ in his piece „ZIR“ not as abstract material, but as a living organism. The clarinet stands opposite the string trio, as if it were „outside“. Those two planes of sound fight against any dialectic and resist any attempt at mediation.