1 - Jim Grimm: Die Bewegungen der Zeit I

2 - David Sontòn Caflisch: Implosion (WP)

3 - Knut Remond: Poison Melodies (WP)



For several years the three core musicians and founding members of Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Jürg Henneberger, Christoph Bösch, and Daniel Buess, have provided one program of the ensemble's season in a trio formation. This release includes three works by Swiss composers, two of which were commissioned by the trio.

The Basel-based composer, Jim Grimm (1928 – 2006) wrote his four-part cycle, “Die Bewegung der Zeit” in the middle period of his career (1979 – 83), throughout which he puzzlingly composed largely for himself in isolation. He wrote the following about his work: “The goal I set for myself is the fusion of contrasting musical forms through the broad language of serialism, which is flexible enough to figuratively reflect the pluralistic tendencies of our society.” The scores from this cycle have not been published but can be found at the Paul Sacher foundation.

David Sontòn Caflisch, a young composer also living in Basel, describes the working-process for his trio Implosion: “My particular focus is currently the contention between the meticulously planned structure in a piece of music and the simultaneous integration of intuitive composition. Additionally, I focus on the development of microtonal harmony and the instrumental possibilities of realizing this.”

Knut Remond, a Swiss composer based in Berlin, writes about his “Poison Melodies”: [This piece] “exudes a sense of tension within a calm situation, something apocalyptic, demonic, melancholic.”