Phoenix goes solo

1 - Friedemann Amadeus Treiber: rit(e) (UA)  (Flöte, Christoph Bösch)              
2 - Aleksander Gabrys: Pax, Freunde, Pax (UA) (Trompete, Nenad Markovic)
3 - William Osborne: …as it were of a trumpet talking… (Posaune, Michael Büttler)
4 - Gustav Fridrichson: Bis an das Ende (Viola, Patrick Jüdt)
5 - Junghae Lee: IYON (passages) (Kontrabass, Aleksander Gabrys, Elektronik, Thomas Peter)  

In the third program of the 2007/08 series, the core members of Ensemble Phoenix Basel were each presented as a soloist. The musicians selected solo pieces that were either commissioned for this project or pieces that were otherwise particularly significant to them. This compilation is comprised of a selection of the pieces presented in that program.