Francesc Prat: Sieben Silben


1 - Francesc Prat: Sieben Silben (UA)

Live recording 2012, opening production Gare du Nord Basel season 2012/13, work comissioned by Gare du Nord


With concentrated and emphatic music the Catalanian composer, Francesc Prat, tells the challenging story of a man who, on the day before his suicide, interviews the author Juan Jose Millas for the Spanish newspaper El País. The interviewer finds it difficult to come to terms with this ultimate act of transgression, of self-inflicted death. Between the natural resistance from death and the fascination with- or attraction to it, he counts the syllables in the name of this man as a means for displacement – Carlos Santos Velicia: they are 7 syllables.


…The suggestive sounds of Prat's music are set to the original text from the interview, as well as poems by Calderón de la Barca, Jorge Manrique, and Antonio Machado. The composer musically touches on formal achievements in the music of Heinrich Schütz and Claudio Monteverdi. Singer, actor, and four instrumentalists form the sound world and scenic basis for a a music-theater piece with extraordinary lucidity and urgency, which they expand to a “World-theater” through the means of a statement, narrative, and reflection.


from the press release by Alex Früh


And when the day of the last journey nears
And the ship, which will never return, is ready to depart
Then you will see me aboard with light luggage
Almost naked, like the children of the sea.

Antonio Machado