1 - Alex Buess: Paralaxe A (2002) part1/ 3
2 - Tim Hodgkinson: Repulsion (1997)
3 - Dror Feiler: Restitutio in Pristinum (1996)
4 - Alex Buess: Maxwell's Demon

The idea for this CD arose after the première of Alex Buess' work "Parallaxe A" in February 2001, whithin the context of the "Europäischer Musikmonat 2001" in Basel. In its original version with 24 musicians, the recording of this work proved itself to be difficult, since an enormous amount of sound, played as well as electronically produced, is concerned, which, in its intensity and density, can only be reproduced unsatisfactorily in stereo. Therefore, the idea of the "biomechanical" version of "Parallaxe A" arose, which we later recorded and produced in the studio.

Dror Feiler and Tim Hodgkinson have very close relations to Alex Buess' music, as far as physical and psychic energy, and their music's intensity are concerned. For this reason we have decided to combine two pieces by these two composers as well as an older Alex Buess composition with "Parallaxe A".
All pieces include electronics and contain a certain affinity in the aesthetics of sound and musical language. Another common ground of these three composers is that they haven't taken the traditional academic composer's way, but come as interpreters of unconventional experiments with instruments and sound material.
All three of them play saxophone and other wind instruments, they work with electronics, and they have years of experience as musicians, instrumentalists and composers.
Alex Buess and Tim Hodkinson played together in the experimental rockband "GOD"; Dror Feiler's bands are named "Lokomotive Konkret", or "The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra".