SEEK Maurizio Grandinetti, E-Guitar

1 - Alex Buess:  ata - 11 for Maurizio Grandinetti
2 - Elliott Sharp: Seek for Maurizio Grandinetti
3 - Junghae Lee: Lunatico
4 - Domenico Caliri: Pit Shop
5 - Eric Chasalow: 'Scuse Me
6 - Marcelo Nisinman: Take Live as a Slow Motion Suicide
7 - Volker Heyn: Electric Cat

SEEK brings together the composers with whom Maurizio Grandinetti has collaborated in recent years. Composers who wish to explore the electric guitar more deeply, and who already bring along profound knowledge of the instrument, either by virtue of being guitarists themselves, as is the case with Elliott Sharp and Domenico Caliri, or because they already were familiar with electric guitars and electronics through their previous work. Upon Maurizio Grandinetti’s suggestion, seven pieces were created, and recorded under the supervision of composer and sound technician Alex Buess. The pieces were all recorded live in the studio, with no overdubs added to the tracks.



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