The Bomb in the Hearth

1 - Thomas KJ Mejer: Die Bombe im Herzen
2 - Francesc Prat: ...und ich wandle durch meine stille
3 - Andréas Stauder: flötenglockenklaviertrio
4 - Franz Furrer-Münch: Skizzenbuch

This CD reveals a colorful spectrum of Swiss contemporary music. The saxophone player Thomas KJ Mejer has set poems by German writer Ludwig Fels for the same instrumentation as Schönberg’s „Pierrot Lunaire“. All the musicians recite the text, rather than just the singer. Catalan composer and Basel resident Francesc Prat writes music which often floats at the threshold of audibility. This piece even involves inaudible gestures. For this reason, the CD as a medium misses a dimension of this piece. Andreas Stauder’s „flötenglockenklaviertrio“ was commissioned by Ensemble Phoenix Basel’s core members. Franz Furrer-Münch’s Skizzenbuch is inspired by the following poem by Swiss writer Eugen Gomringer: vom rand nach innen im innern zur mitte durchs zentrum der mitte nach aussen zum rand