1 - Vladimir Guichef Bogacz: Estudio anatómico
2 - Lars Werdenberg: Schwefellied
3 - Clara Gervais: Variation über ein Lied von B. S.
4 - Ulrike Mayer-Spohn: F/V-TzzG
5 - Matthias Renaud: Flugschraube
6 - Benedikt Hayoz: soundcloud I
7 - Wei-Chieh Lin: ...percevoir...
8 - Eliad Wagner: Other People's Business
9 - Raffaele Grimaldi: dysmorphic episode
10 - Victor Alexandru Coltea: ...vier, oder ... fünf... Gefühle... Musik mit .com

“Trabant” is an outreach project from Ensemble Phoenix Basel for talented, up-and-coming composers. During the first round of a competition, 10 “Trabanten” works were chosen to be premiered, all of which relate to the central piece in the concert Helmut Lachemann's  „...zwei Gefühle...“ Musik mit Leonardo based on a text by Leonardo da Vinci.