World New Music Days

1 - Uros Rojko: Septetto fluido
2 - Nahm-Hee Chung: Synkrisen
3 - Bart Vanhecke: Des cercles sur les eaux
4 - Gwyn Pritchard: The fruit of chance and necessity
5 - Hiroyuki Yamamoto: Noli me tangere

The annual "World New Music Days" bring to listeners an attractive overview of the current musical production of the whole world. An international jury chooses the best among hundreds of scores, which are performed in several concerts. In 2004, one of them was played in the "Basel Theatre" by the "Ensemble Phoenix Basel," which performs four of the compositions presented on this CD.
The Belgian composer Bart Vanhecke confronts the harp with an eight-headed polychrome chamber ensemble, which covers the sound spectrum from the deep sounds of the double bass and the double bass clarinet up to the high frequencies of the triangle and the cymbals antiques. A processor expands and changes the sound of the harp played by tje harpist Consuelo Giulianelli.
The English composer Gwyn Pritchard places at the beginning of his composition a sentence by the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, stating that creation is a result (the fruit) of chance and necessity, also called fortune or destiny. These two principles are the basis of the work, which determine the dialogue between the solo cello and the ensemble. The composition is dedicated to the cellist Beat Schneider and the "Ensemble Phoenix Basel".

The last composition is an extremely virtuoso concert piece for saxophone and ensemble by the Japanese composer Hiroyuki Yamamoto.