From Needle's Eye

1 - Pierluigi Billone: ME A AN
2 - Marco Stroppa: From Needle's Eye
3 - Junghae Lee: NOR

The pieces on this recording combine to make the interaction between soloist and ensemble the center of discussion.

The Italian composer Pierluigi Billone uses a fantastical text for the part of the baritone, which the singer has to hum and sing using new extended techniques. The two bass clarinets, the three low string instruments and the percussion produce multiphonics, squeaky and strained noises, which - combined with the voice - create a strange overall sound that is close to electronic music.

The Korean-Swiss composer Junghae Lee uses for her composition NOR the old Korean poem "Jeong-Eup-Sa," which describes the never-ending waiting and sorrows of a woman - in Lee’s eyes, a symbol for eternal longing.

The Italian composer Marco Stroppa describes the characters of the trombone as „light, graceful, wicked, cunning, weighty, dramatic, eccentric, passionate, reserved, malicious...“ Those qualities are shown to their fullest advantage in this disputation, or lovers’ conversation.