Wagner Eliad

"My name is Eliad Wagner. I am a sound artist, composer and performer of electronic music.
I was born in Israel in 1979 and currently live and work in Berlin, Germany.At the moment I am busy with free improvisation in electronic music, using (mostly) modular synthesizer / feedback systems,  composing work for various mediums, lecturing in schools and giving workshops around Europe.I have been recording music for Metropolis records [US], c.sides [DE/IL], Must Die [UK], Wachsender Prozess [DE] and concrete plastic [UK] and my own label ±g6pd records and presented work at  Computer Music Journal, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Rotterdam International Film Festival, Shoot Me film festival (Den Haag), Guggenheim New York- “youtube play”,  Zaal 100 (Amsterdam), WORM (Rotterdam), Unheard film festival (Amsterdam), Binyanei Ha’Uma (Jerusalem), STEIM (Amsterdam), Shift festival (Basel), Inter/Arts Center (Malmo), DIEM Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus), Network Music Festival (Birmingham) and more.When not busy with music I enjoy cooking Indian food, singing to my cats and drinking beer around the world."

Photo: youtube