Garnero Fernando

After studies at the university (musical theory, composition, piano), he leaves Argentina in 1998 to settle down in Switzerland, were he studies composition with Eric Gaudibert, composition and electronic music successively with Thomas Kessler and Hans-Peter Kyburz, and composition in Strasbourg (04-07), in the class of Ivan Fedele (Diploma with highest honors).
Several meetings mark out his studding years among others, those of Helmut Lachenmann, Brian Ferneyhough, Georges Aperghis, and Gérard Pesson.
His compositions were played, among others ensembles and soloist, by Accroche Note, Contrechamps, S.I.C., Cairn, Sillages, Vortex, Soloists of Lyon and Françoise Rivalland, Donatienne Michel-Dansac and Jérôme Laran in several festivals (Musica, Archipel, MIA, Voix nouvelles, Voix de Prieuré, Centre Acanthes, JIM).
He received commands on behalf of the foundations Royaumont, Mika Salabert, Liechti, Nestlé for the Art, Nicati de Luze, French Ministry of Culture, Voice festival of Prieuré and prizes and scholarships of the state of Geneva and the Patiño Swiss Founds, making Residences in Paris (Cité des Arts) and Royaumont abbey.
In 2008-09 participates in the young composers at the IRCAM’s Cursus, working with Yan Maresz, Mikhail Malt, Eric Daubresse, Philippe Hurel, Philippe Manoury, Marco Stroppa, Mauro Lanza and Georgia Spiropoulos.
He is Artistic director of Vortex Swiss ensemble, part of Vortex Project, a composers and musician’s collective of new music based in Geneva.